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KRMEF is located in a small village in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal, and is dedicated to striving towards a healthy, vibrant and inclusive village model.

The Foundation was 2010 but has already had volunteers from 26 countries, who have helped shape this project and the community it supports. Volunteers stay from a few days or many months and help in daily tasks, work on current projects and are also free to take up their own initiatives. For those interested in volunteering with this foundation, we have provided practical details as well as an insight to what it is like as a KRMEF volunteer.

Where is KRMEF and how to I get there?
KRMEF is in the Kathmandu Valley, 7kms South of the city, right at the bottom of beautiful green hills, and with a view of the our village Kahare. There is public transport coming directly to Kahare: The bus leaves from Ratna park bus stand – take the DAKSHINKALI bus, route number 22 direct to Kahare. There is also taxi options from the city.

What are the work hours and what work do volunteers do?
In Nepal people start the work day at 9:30am, and finish at 5pm. Here at the foundation we do the same, and take an hour for lunch at 1pm. The day off in the week is Saturday, where most Nepali people go to temple, and meet with family. Volunteers are free to explore the valley, the temples and the city.

There are all together 10 local women (both here and in the village) who work with jewellery and craft for sale, making cloth bags, bead necklaces and earring’s as well as working with soap nuts (black seeds that are used in the jewelley).

One job that happens daily is the making of briquettes, which is a made from shredded paper sawdust and cow manure which get presses and hung to dry for an alternative fuel source.

There is often work in the office for administration, funding and proposal writing, etc. Volunteers are also welcome to initiate creative and practical projects with the help of the team, which will support the ongoing project.

What are the volunteer facilities like?
Volunteers stay on the second floor in the central house. There are 3 large rooms, dining and lounge, and a big (western) bathroom. There is also another house next door with rooms if the house full. Three wonderful meals are provided each day (except Saturday, the Nepali holiday) where volunteers do their own cooking.


*What are the costs? 

We ask any volunteer who comes to stay with us to help contribute to the operations of the foundation.  For 4 weeks or less, we ask that you contribute $20 USD/day (exchange rates here).  For longer than 4 weeks, the cost is reduced to only $15/day.  If you are unable to afford these fees, but wish to stay with us and work/learn, please send us a message and we can discuss the possibilities.

These fees are to cover the living costs for your stay, as well as help us to provide employment to our local community through our outreach programs.

Services included in volunteering fees:

· Volunteer Handbook that will help with planning your arrival
· Pickup from the airport to KRMEF
· Accommodation at KRMEF
· Free wi-fi
· 3 organic meals a day
· Welcome orientation
· 24 hrs availability of KRMEF staff for emergencies

If you wish to make further contribution to KRMEF, any additional monetary support will be greatly appreciated.

What is not included?

Apart from the program fees, other costs that are to be met by the volunteers are:

· Airfare/travel to Nepal
· Visa and Visa extension fee ( Tourist Visa fee: 15 days-US$25 ; 30 days -US$40; 90 days -US$100; Per additional day- US$2; maximum 150 days per year)
· Local Transportation
· Any personal expenses

To apply for KRMEF’s Volunteer Program, please download the ‘KRMEF Volunteer Application Form’ and ‘Volunteer Consent Agreement’ and send them to: apply-volunteer@krmef.org

Program fees and other donations are payable by paypal or on arrival at KRMEF. If you have any further questions, please send us a message to apply-volunteer@krmef.org

Hope to see you here!

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